Before you place an order

Here are some of the most common questions for you to consider before you place your order.

  1. Have you checked the product dimensions?
  2. Can access be gained easily for the furniture to be delivered? – are the front doors room doors wide enough, are there any awkward stairs, lift or passageways?
  3. Whether you need a left hand or a right hand sofa?*
  4. Do we deliver to your area?
  5. Have you consider, how long it will takes to get your new furniture?**

*We identify configuration of a corner sofa bed by looking at it (facing it) from standing position, not when we sit on it.

corner sofa bed left or right hand facing

If you still have a doubts about the answers to above questions please call our Customer Service on

01204 380 211 or use the message form below we will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.